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AAID stands for excellence in education, scientific development and patient care. The Academy provides bona fide credentialing in implant dentistry through the Associate Fellow and Fellow membership examinations. The Associate Fellow and Fellow credentials are recognized by numerous state boards. Members who demonstrate the highest standards in implant dentistry find the AAID to be the organization that supports their clinical and research interests, as well as recognition for their achievements. For more information, contact Carolina Hernandez.

Click here to see a list of the 2014 newly credentialed Associate Fellows.

Click here to see a list of the 2014 newly credentialed Fellows.

Associate Fellow Membership

If you wish to substantiate your expertise in implant dentistry through a verifiable credentialing process, the Associate Fellow Membership is where you begin.  Your Associate Fellow certificate will let your patients know that you are an experienced, credentialed implant professional. To become an Associate Fellow you must meet the educational and experiential requirements and pass a two-part examination.

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Fellow Membership

Fellow Membership is a special step in validating your expertise and proficiency in implant dentistry. Your Fellow certificate and medallion will be tangible representations of your achievements that you can display to your patients.  To be accepted for the Fellow Membership examination, candidates must have practiced implant dentistry for at least five years, provide both the surgical and restorative phases of treatment and meet the educational and experiential requirements for the examination.   Fellow candidates must also submit their professional and leadership credentials for review by the AAID Admissions and Credentials Board.

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Benefits of AAID Credential for your patients and your practice

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